Oct 08 2022

How to Sell Electric Vehicles in New Era?

Matt Peterson

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Every automotive retailer has heard by now that "electric vehicles are the future." That is incorrect; the age of electric vehicles has already begun, and there are no signs of it slowing down: global plug-in and hybrid vehicle sales have quadrupled since 2015. In the lucrative used vehicle market, both supply and demand for electric vehicles are rapidly increasing. There are now well over 1.3 million electric vehicles on the road. Although it is still a niche market, it is a highly profitable pre-owned segment if you can effectively buy and, more importantly, sell these vehicles.

Before you enter this market, make sure your sales team is prepared.


Train Your Staff on New Technologies


Your staff must all become knowledgeable about the features of electric vehicles, but this is especially important for your sales staff. You can train your employees by having role-playing conversations about electric vehicles.


Vehicle lifespan, battery specifications, and charging options should be basic information for every EV on your lot. Just as you would mention engine performance in a truck sales pitch, you should learn how battery-electric cars perform and communicate that information to potential buyers.


It is also critical to avoid lumping all EVs into one category. The size, range, and performance of electric vehicles can vary greatly. Despite the fact that they are both electric vehicles, a Tesla Model S and a Nissan Leaf will have vastly different features and buyers.


For example, the buyer might be perplexed about how charging works. One way to dispel any misconceptions is to provide a hands-on demonstration of how they would charge their vehicle. It's also critical to educate them on the benefits of using an in-home charging device or directing them to apps that can locate publicly available charging stations.


Selling EVs will necessitate a higher level of technical knowledge, but with coordinated training efforts, your sales team can embrace opportunities to speak with prospects about electric vehicles.


Build Strategic Relationships


As EV technology develops, you might discover that potential EV purchasers have more inquiries and a longer purchasing process than standard automobile buyers. This suggests that you might need to improve the way you handle your contacts with particular clients, which you can do using good customer relationship management (CRM) tools.


The ideal scenario is for your salespeople to guide clients toward making a purchase, but without an efficient CRM, it can be challenging to concentrate your efforts in the correct areas. This solution would assist your team in prioritizing jobs and follow-up activities according to the likelihood of purchase, which would increase efficiency and effectiveness.


Your sales staff's technical background will also aid them in differentiating between potential customers for the various EVs in your store, and your CRM will be a crucial resource in this regard.


The right training of your personnel to market EVs has a direct correlation to implementing an effective CRM solution. Throughout each customer engagement, you can utilize actual data to teach your personnel on both their strengths and flaws.




EVs will remain popular. Although America is still adjusting to the availability of EVs, you may set up your dealership to sell EVs with simple, deliberate steps. Your dealership may take control of the electric car market by educating staff members about the technologies underlying EVs, placing a high value on relationships with potential customers, and implementing profitable F&I incentives.


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