25 GreenPower Mega BEASTs to Montebello School District

November 14, 2023

GreenPower received the orders from its exclusive California dealer Model 1 (formerly Creative Bus Sales) for 25 of the Mega BEAST school buses for the Montebello School District and 10 BEAST school buses for the Garden Grove school district. Funding for the all-electric, zero-emission school buses comes from both the California HVIP program and the EPA Clean School Bus Program. “GreenPower is pleased to see these school districts being able to place orders through Model 1 for the BEAST school buses using program funding that helps them prepare for future transportation requirements. “GreenPower’s school buses are a great fit for school districts implementing EVs in California. Featuring a modern monocoque chassis, the BEAST is the safest, most durable and reliable all-electric school bus available today.

The source of this news is from GreenPower Motor Company