All-Electric School Bus

October 31, 2023

This newest version of GreenPower’s all-electric Type D school bus provides double the range with the same functionality as GreenPower’s trusted and reliable BEAST all-electric school bus that is deployed in school bus fleets across the country. It provides for the longest range and has the biggest battery pack in the school bus market. Featuring a modern monocoque chassis, the Mega BEAST is the safest, most durable and reliable all-electric school bus available today. “The all-electric, purpose-built BEAST has established the new standard of performance, safety and sustainability in the school bus market. The extended range created by the larger battery pack is an ideal solution for many rural school districts with longer routes, school districts with less chance for mid-day opportunity charging, school districts that face extreme weather conditions and schools that also use the all-electric bus for extra-curricular activities.

The source of this news is from GreenPower Motor Company