EPA Announcement for GreenPower’s BEAST and Nano BEAST

October 27, 2022

Under the EPA announcement, the Type D GreenPower BEAST all-electric school bus is eligible for $375,000 in grant funding through the program for priority school districts and the Type A all-electric GreenPower Nano BEAST is eligible for $285,000 in grant funding in the priority districts. With either Type GreenPower school bus, an additional $20,000 in federal grant funding will be awarded by the EPA for each GreenPower all-electric school bus purchased in the priority districts for charging infrastructure. “The funding under the Clean School Bus Program will transform the nation’s school bus fleet,” said GreenPower President Brendan Riley. The ADA Nano BEAST provides the same features as the regular Nano Beast but is designed to accommodate ADA lift and wheelchair position requirements. “Just as our school buses are purpose-built, we have purposely built out a dealer network of industry leaders from coast-to-coast.”For information on GreenPower’s BEAST and Nano BEAST all-electric school buses and turn-key programs for charging systems, vehicle training and maintenance contact [email protected].

The source of this news is from GreenPower Motor Company