EVBox empowers Charge Point Operators to be compliant with the new payment provisions laid down in the EU’s AFIR

April 04, 2024

AFIR’s focus is on accelerating the deployment of public charging points and streamlining payment methods bringing forth essential requirements for publicly accessible charging stations. EVBox addresses this requirement by integrating Payter payment terminals into all variants of its DC fast charging portfolio, including EVBox Troniq Modular and EVBox Troniq High Power. In combination with the Charge Point Management Platform (CPMS) EVBox Everon, the pricing on the station display will automatically be updated allows CPOs to offer AFIR-compliant public charging stations. Safe and secure payment on EV charging infrastructure has always been a top priority for EVBox. In response to this requirement, EVBox offers upgrade kits for all EVBox Troniq Modular and EVBox Troniq High Power products, enabling seamless compliance with this EU regulation.

The source of this news is from EVBox