EVBox Expands its DC Charging Portfolio with EVBox Troniq Modular Compact

December 22, 2022

10 November 2022, 09:30 (CET)EVBox Expands its DC Charging Portfolio with EVBox Troniq Modular CompactEVBox, a leading manufacturer of flexible and scalable charging solutions, is expanding its DC product portfolio with a lower height version of the innovative EVBox Troniq Modular infrastructure. The EVBox Troniq Modular Compact is a low height option, suitable for locations and use cases with specific height requirements (for example the height restrictions in the United Kingdom). Following the market needs and having a strong collaboration with its customers, EVBox has decided to launch the EVBox Troniq Modular Compact, an additional configuration of the existing EVBox Troniq Modular, now with compact housing size. Plus, the compact version still offers smart charging for up to three electric cars and hassle-free charging sessions enabled by the multi-language touchscreen and ergonomic auto-retractable cables. Built Upon EVBox’s Product DNAEVBox Troniq Modular Compact is compatible with every EV, now and in the future.

The source of this news is from EVBox