Following Pivot Members of Sono Group N.V.’s Supervisory Board Resign – Sono Motors

April 22, 2023

This has led to a shift in the Company’s business model and operations away from its supervisory board members’ strong expertise in the areas of automotive, digitalization, and Community-focus. Against this background four members of the Company’s supervisory board, Chair Martina Buchhauser, Vice-Chair Robert Jeffe, Arnd Schwierholz, and Community Representative Sebastian Böttger, today, 21 April 2023, announced their resignation with immediate effect. We are very grateful for the dedication they’ve shown to our mission in the past and wish them all the best for the future.”Johannes Tischler, who was nominated to the supervisory board by Laurin Hahn, will continue to serve on the Company’s supervisory board and the supervisory board can thus continue to perform its duties. As a consequence of the resignation of all members of the Company’s supervisory board except Johannes Trischler described above, the Company will not have any supervisory board committees until new candidates for the Company’s supervisory board have been identified and appointed. The words "expect", "anticipate", "intend", "plan", "estimate", "aim", "forecast", "project", "target", “will” and similar expressions (or their negative) identify certain of these forward-looking statements.

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