GreenFlux contributes to smart grid development in PROGRESSUS project

February 21, 2023

The PROGRESSUS project aims to research, design, and develop future smart grid solutions that integrate into existing smart grid architecture concepts with minimal investment. GreenFlux joins a total of twenty-one partners from five European countries including Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and Slovakia, contributing its EV smart charging technology and expertise to the three-year project coordinated by Infineon Technologies AG. The high-power requirements of ultra-fast DC electric vehicle charge stations and bi-directional charging in particular pose special challenges when designing smart charging infrastructure. To help facilitate this energy transition, the PROGRESSUS project seeks to address three key challenges to realizing a next-generation smart grid: efficient energy conversion, smart energy management, and secure monitoring. Within the PROGRESSUS project, GreenFlux will adapt its smart charging solutions to enable even more electric vehicles to be charged on one location whilst simultaneously increasing the charge rate per individual charging session.

The source of this news is from GreenFlux