GreenFlux introduces world’s first large-scale, hardware-agnostic DC smart charging algorithm

July 25, 2023

Amsterdam, July 25, 2023 – GreenFlux, a pioneer in EV smart charging technology, announces the launch of the world’s first large-scale, cloud-based, and hardware-agnostic smart charging algorithm for DC fast charge stations. Our new algorithm, designed specifically for DC charge stations, brings all of the advantages of a cloud-based solution to DC charging hubs. As a smart charging innovation leader, GreenFlux was quick to identify the need for cloud-based, hardware-agnostic smart charging with DC fast chargers. This is exactly what our new DC smart charging solution is designed to do,’ said Rutger Plantenga, MD and Chief Product Officer at GreenFlux. Cloud-based smart charging can be implemented dynamically and in response to different triggers, such as capacity limitations (static or dynamic) and energy tariff fluctuations.

The source of this news is from GreenFlux