GreenPower Panel Type A Nano BEAST for Special Needs

December 06, 2023

The purpose-built school bus was equipped with a rear curbside BraunAbility lift. “We deployed the Nano BEAST all-electric school bus on our most diverse special needs route, as we really wanted to test it out to see how it impacted the students,” said Jared Fitzwater, Transportation Director for the Clay County School District. “What we found during our time with the Nano BEAST was that it proved advantageous for students with special needs who rode on the bus to and from school each day. Data from the pilot showed both the Type D BEAST and Type A Nano BEAST performed as expected whether on flat or mountainous terrain, in cold or warm conditions and on rural roads or city highways. For more information on the award winning Type A Nano BEAST and Nano BEAST Access, contact [email protected].

The source of this news is from GreenPower Motor Company