Last Mile Solutions: e-Mobility Solutions Simplified

December 22, 2022

As the EV revolution sets the trend for a cleaner and greener tomorrow, Rotterdam-based Last Mile Solutions is moving the needle with its complete, independent EV charging and smart energy management platform. With more than 37,000 charging stations, 200,000 charging cards, and users in 22 countries, Last Mile Solutions has grown into the largest independent provider of e-mobility platforms in Europe. The first among the many innovations was the large-scale connection of thousands of solar panels to charging stations and batteries. The EV charging & smart energy management platform from Last Mile Solutions has been pivotal in driving We Drive Solar’s vision of 100 percent sustainable mobility. Since then, the number of charging stations in and around Utrecht has been growing steadily, and more than 120,000 transactions have been processed on the approximately 250 charging stations of We Drive Solar.

The source of this news is from Last Mile Solutions