Lightning eMotors announces deployments and production ramp up of Electric School Buses built on the GM-based Lightning ZEV4™ platform

May 02, 2023

Initial orders for nearly 70 next generation Type A school buses have begun moving across the production floor in Lightning eMotors’ 130,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Loveland, Colorado. (Photo: Lightning eMotors)Lightning is producing electric school buses on its next generation Lightning ZEV4™, built on the versatile GM 4500 platform. All Lightning ZEV4 models come equipped with 120 kWh batteries packaged safely between the frame rails. Current economic realities also make electric school buses more appealing than ever. In that time, we have deployed a variety of vehicle classes and applications including but not limited to cargo and passenger vans, ambulances, transit and shuttle buses, school buses, specialty work trucks, and electric powertrains for school buses, transit buses and motor coaches.

The source of this news is from Lightning eMotors