Lightning eMotors Showcasing Next-Gen Lightning Mobile Charging Solution at DFW Airport

June 07, 2023

(Photo: Lightning eMotors)The Lightning Mobile charging unit offers from 105 to 420 kWh battery capacity and provides standard, low-cost Level 2 AC charging, as well as flexible DC fast-charging capabilities for vehicles requiring short turnaround times. In addition to providing the much-needed charging solution for airport ground transportation, Lightning Mobile can also support mobile disaster relief and rescue and intermittent charging points at facilities like sports stadiums, which need an EV charging and power solution in various locations. Lightning’s mobile charging units can accommodate a variety of battery capacities and outputs suitable for any customer use case. To learn how to electrify your fleet with Lightning eMotors, please visit Lightning eMotors undertakes no obligation to update any forward-looking statements, except as required by law.

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