Lightyear 0 makes UK debut at iconic Goodwood Revival motoring festival

December 23, 2022

Goodwood Revival ranks among the greatest global motoring meetups, celebrating auto heritage over three immersive, action-packed days. With a ‘make do and mend’ mentality, the annual festival champions a less disposable world, where longevity, sustainability, and quality reign supreme. In Lightyear 0, visitors glimpsed a new generation of future classics, exploring the first statement car to trigger a solar electric movement. Subscribe to our mailing list Email address Join > I agree with Lightyear processing my personal data in line with privacy policyLightyear 0 at Goodwood RevivalWith a matching ethos of reduction and reuse, Goodwood Revival felt like the perfect stage to debut Lightyear 0 in the UK. Subscribe to our mailing list below to keep informed about upcoming events and more, or reach out to learn more about our limited UK production slots.

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