National Association of Fleet Administrators Expo

April 17, 2024

NAFA attendees are invited to visit GreenPower’s booth #440 to learn about the Company’s all-electric, purpose-built, zero-emission commercial vehicle offerings. “NAFA provides an ideal opportunity for GreenPower to engage with industry experts, fleet managers and other executives in the fleet and mobility space,” said Claus Tritt, Vice President of Medium-Duty & Commercial Vehicle Sales. “We understand the requirements of fleet and delivery managers striving to deploy zero-emission vehicles, aiming to cut costs and improve profitability. GreenPower employs a clean-sheet design to manufacture all-electric vehicles that are purpose built to be battery powered with zero emissions while integrating global suppliers for key components. Dollars ©2024 GreenPower Motor Company Inc. All rights reserved.

The source of this news is from GreenPower Motor Company