New Jersey Opens Voucher Program for GreenPower Vehicles

April 22, 2023

These financial incentives will further the adoption of all-electric vehicles in New Jersey by helping fleets to transition to battery-electric vehicles. NJ ZIP is a $90 million voucher program launched by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority for medium and heavy-duty zero-emission vehicles. GreenPower is an approved NJ ZIP manufacturer which allows GreenPower’s New Jersey customers to order vehicles under the voucher program. “GreenPower’s EV Star lineup of products is in strong demand under the New Jersey ZIP program,” said Claus Tritt, Vice President of Medium Duty & Commercial Vehicle Sales at GreenPower. The EV Star platform includes a range of GreenPower passenger vehicles and cargo vehicles for mid and last-mile delivery needs.

The source of this news is from GreenPower Motor Company