NIO and WWF Enter Into Strategic Cooperation in Protecting National Parks

September 20, 2022

On April 22, 2022, NIO and the World Wide Fund for Nature China entered into a Clean Parks strategic cooperation with World Wide Fund for Nature (“WWF”) becoming the co-sponsor initiating Clean Parks. Against the backdrop of carbon peak and neutrality and the steady progress in establishing national parks in China, NIO announced Clean Parks, an ecological co-construction initiative, in December 2021. Clean Parks is the world's first open platform started by a car company in pursuit of supporting construction and protection of national parks and nature reserves. “Since China started the pilot project on national parks in 2015, WWF has been actively participating in establishing the nature reserve system with national parks as the main body and facilitating the high-quality development of national parks,” said Lunyan Lu, Chief Representative of WWF China. Fei Zhou, Chief Program Officer of WWF China, and Lihong Qin, co-founder and president of NIO, attended the online signing ceremony.

The source of this news is from NIO