Proterra Profiles: Volta Trucks’ Mission to Eliminate Urban Air Pollution

April 09, 2023

Volta Trucks, a European commercial vehicle manufacturer, developed the Volta Zero — the world’s first purpose-built, fully-electric 16-ton commercial vehicle designed specifically for inner city freight distribution. Powered by Proterra’s electric vehicle technology, the Volta Zero is designed to address and eliminate the air pollution found in cities across the globe. Chief Communications Officer of Volta Trucks, Duncan Forrester, spoke with us about Volta Trucks and why the Volta Zero is a solution that will help combat the climate crisis:Q: Tell us about Volta Trucks. Volta Trucks’ Head Office is in Stockholm, Sweden, with its engineering-led from the UK, and a contract manufacturing facility in Steyr, Austria. We’re proud to be part of Volta Trucks’ journey to bring zero-emission delivery vehicles to urban cities in the European market and beyond.

The source of this news is from Proterra