Rivian Launches ‘Spaces’

December 02, 2023

The introduction of Rivian spaces will serve as an opportunity for the brand to grow and connect with current and future Rivian vehicle owners in key locations while aiming to inspire and enable adventure for all. The floor-to-ceiling glass storefront space is the company’s first location on the East Coast, joining Rivian’s space in Venice, California. “The launch of Rivian spaces is a key part of our next phase of growth, introducing retail sites as a primary experiential touchpoint and bringing the brand to life through an in-store experience,” said Tony Caravano, Senior Director of Customer Engagement at Rivian. Select spaces will feature Rivian electric vehicle chargers, like the Charging Outpost, which will offer a restorative retail destination in combination with a Rivian Adventure Network DC fast-charging site. Rivian spaces join the company’s growing network of over two dozen service centers across the U.S. and Canada, working hand-in-hand to provide a complete ecosystem of support and service for existing, future, and potential Rivian owners.

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