Rocsys autonomous chargers in action at ACT Expo

April 26, 2023

Rocsys autonomous chargers in action at ACT ExpoRocsys is gearing up for the upcoming ACT (Advanced Clean Transportation) Expo in Anaheim, California, USA. ACT Expo, the largest conference and trade show of its kind, shines a spotlight on the latest and most advanced transportation technologies and clean fuels currently available on the market. For over ten years, ACT Expo has served as the premier annual event, exhibiting the newest technologies, fuels, services, and vehicles that are propelling the transition to zero-emission transportation solutions. Rocsys has tackled the challenges associated with manually charging electric commercial vehicles by providing a robotic, autonomous charging solution in the ROC-1. With the ROC-1, Rocsys has made it easy to automate a standard EV charging connection helping to increase driver satisfaction and safety.

The source of this news is from ROCSYS