Saietta accelerates transition to a provider of fully integrated e-drive systems

December 22, 2022

Continued successBuilding on its recent success, Saietta has won important new global contracts from the light-duty vehicle sector for its integrated e-drive systems that are based on the advanced AFT 140 motors. In addition, Saietta is developing proof-of-concept e-drive system designs for two further potential high volume light-duty commercial vehicle customers in India. Although still at a prototype stage, and with further milestones yet to be met, collectively these activities have the potential to develop into volumes of more than 87,000 integrated AFT 140 e-drive systems per annum. Such has been the impact of Propel that in this short space of time it has both developed an integrated e-drive system and generated €1.5 million of revenue in its first year of operations. This has further underscored the outstanding ability of Saietta to leverage AFT technology into commercially successful vertically integrated e-drivetrain systems and get them to market within months.

The source of this news is from Saietta