Showcasing the future of clean mobility at Dutch Design Week

December 23, 2022

Dutch Design Week (DDW) is a leading technology and design event where, every year, the best of Dutch design gathers and displays their latest creations, from artworks to technology and new forms of sustainability. There, visitors could interact with our solar car, ask questions to our team, and even step into Lightyear 0 for a glimpse inside the future of clean mobility. Peak aerodynamic designDutch Design Week, held annually in Eindhoven, is all about showing the world the most original and exciting ideas born in the Netherlands. With roots in TU Eindhoven, what better stage to present Lightyear 0, the world's first production-ready solar car. In order to provide clean mobility for everyone, everywhere, we needed to design a car with optimum efficiency in mind.

The source of this news is from Lightyear