Sono Motors Debuts Affordable Solar Electric Vehicle, ‘Sion’, for First Time in the U.S.; Kicks Off Multi-City Solar Mobility Tour – Sono Motors

October 13, 2022

Sono Motors believes that the 5-seater passenger vehicle, which is expected to retail in Europe for approximately €25,000 ($25,000), has the potential to become the world’s first affordable SEV. To learn more about Sono Motors’ tour in the United States, please visit Motors: Harnessing the power of the sunSince its founding in Munich, Germany in 2016, Sono Motors has become a pioneer in solar-powered transportation. Sono Motors recently unveiled its Solar Bus Kit, an efficient solar retrofit solution optimized for 40-foot public buses commonly used in Europe. Sono Motors also underscored its partnership with Sibros, a San Jose, California-based pioneer of Deep Over-the-Air (OTA) Connected Vehicle Systems. Sono Motors © 2022 Sono Motors © 2022 Sono Motors © 2022 Sono Motors © 2022 Sono Motors © 2022

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