SPI Energy’s Phoenix Motorcars Surpasses 2.75 Million All-Electric Mile Milestone for its Vehicles – Phoenix Motor Cars

September 20, 2022

Phoenix Motorcars launched its first medium-duty electric drivetrain in 2009 and sold its first commercial EV in 2014. Phoenix Motorcars shuttle buses and trucks are built on the Ford E-450 cutaway chassis platform and have vastly improved in capability over generational cycles. The latest technology also offers the largest variety of cutaway bodies including service trucks, utility trucks, flatbed trucks, cargo trucks, walk-in vans, shuttle buses, and school buses. Phoenix Motorcars has served over 45 fleet customers with a variety of needs, providing customized products to complete essential business functions. Phoenix Motorcars strives to provide fleets with clean transportation and renewable energy through advanced technology solutions and remains committed to excellence in electric vehicle innovation.

The source of this news is from Phoenix Motor